May 27, 2024
Yazdan Shams Maleki

Yazdan Shams Maleki

Academic rank: Assistant professor
Education: Ph.D in Civil engineering/Geotechnical engineering
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering


Studying seismic interaction of piles row-sandy slope under one, two and triaxial loadings: a numerical-experimental approach
Type Article
Piles row; loose sandy slope; laboratory model; numerical model; seismic loading.
Researchers Hassan Sharafi، Yazdan Shams Maleki


In this paper, the seismic behaviour of the floating piles row was installed into a loose dry sandy slope by help of 3D numerical simulations has been studied. A parametric 3D numerical modelling is conducted within the framework of the finite difference method. Both near-fault and far-field earthquakes have been applied to derive new relationships between shear forces generated in piles and depth along the piles under effects of the one, two and triaxial seismic loadings in the large-scale numerical models of sandy slope-floating piles row. As an innovation, the pattern and the amount of lateral displacements as well as the generated shear forces in the piles row are calculated under effects of the NF and FF records. In addition, the increase values of slope settlement have been investigated under two and triaxial seismic loadings compared to conventional uniaxial loading. The validation of the results obtained by numerical method was controlled using the investigation of the slope settlements reinforced by a piles row with the help of shaking table and a good agreement was observed between the numerical and experimental results.