May 27, 2024
Yazdan Shams Maleki

Yazdan Shams Maleki

Academic rank: Assistant professor
Education: Ph.D in Civil engineering/Geotechnical engineering
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering


  • PhD. in Civil Engineering/ Geotechnical Engineering , Razi university , Iran (2014 - 2018)
    Thesis title: Physical-Numerical Modeling of Seismic Behavior of Sand Slope Reinforcing Piles with Shaking Table
  • MSc. in Civil Engineering/ Soil mechanics and foundation , Razi university , Iran (2011 - 2013)
    Thesis title: Numerical study of vertical piles under lateral load and extraction of p-y design curves in special cases (using FLAC 3D).
  • BSc. in Civil Engineering , Razi university , Iran (2007 - 2011)
    Thesis title: Evaluation of the vertical piles under lateral loading

Research interests

  • Numerical modeling
  • Physical modeling
  • Soil-structure seismic interaction
  • Slope stability
  • Deep foundations
  • Seismic studies
  • Dams seismic analysis
  • Tunnels stability analysis


Research activities

Journal articles
Azadeh Dadfarin, Yazdan Shams Maleki, Mehdi Esna-ashari (2023) The effects of freeze–thaw cycles on the UCS of the CTS specimens reinforced with DTY fibers CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS: 393; 132055-...
Hassan Sharafi, Yazdan Shams Maleki (2020) Studying seismic interaction of piles row-sandy slope under one, two and triaxial loadings: a numerical-experimental approach European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering: 24; 1277-1301
Hassan Sharafi, Yazdan Shams Maleki (2019) Evaluation of the lateral displacements of a sandy slope reinforced by a row of floating piles: A numerical-experimental approach SOIL DYNAMICS AND EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING: 122; 148-170
Yazdan Shams Maleki, Jahangir Khazaei (2017) A Numerical Comparison of the Behavior of a Braced Excavation Using Two and Three-Dimensional Creep Plastic Analyses geotechnical and geological engineering: 35; 2017-2035
Hassan Sharafi, Yazdan Shams Maleki, Mehran Karimpour Fard (2015) Three-dimensional finite difference modeling of static soil-pile interactions to calculate p-y curves in pile-supported slopes Arabian Journal of Geosciences: 9; 1-16
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