July 25, 2024
Mohsen Samimi

Mohsen Samimi

Academic rank: Associate professor
Address: Imam Khomeini Highway, Kermanshah, Iran
Education: Ph.D in Chemical Engineering - Biotechnology
Phone: 08338305001
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering


Investigation of structural parameters for inclined weir-type solar stills
Type Article
Inclined weir-type solar still; Absorber plate; Condenser cover; Box-Behnken design
Researchers Mohsen Samimi، Hamid Moghadam


The solar still, in which saline or brackish water is converted into freshwater using renewable solar energy, can be an effective solution to water scarcity. Inclined solar stills are well-known due to their high production yields compared to other types of solar stills. In this study, an inclined weir-type solar still was developed as a modified inclined solar still with an emphasis on the effect of structural parameters, such as weir height, distance between weirs, and distance between the absorber plate and the condenser cover, on distilled water production. The optimal values of structural parameters for the maximum freshwater production were specified by the response surface methodology and a quadratic model derived from a Box-Behnken design model. The results showed that the operational variables of the inclined weir-type solar still system significantly impacted the water production volume. Using a weir height of 2 cm, a distance of 3.5 cm between weirs, and a distance of 15 cm between the absorber plate and the condenser cover, the maximum water production volume was achieved at 6.474 kg m−2.day−1. The selected model had