May 27, 2024

Hasan Rasay

Academic rank: Assistant professor
Education: Ph.D in Industrial Engineering
Phone: 38305005
Faculty: Faculty of Management Engineering


Designing a Reliability Quick Switching Sampling Plan based on the Lifetime Performance Index
Type Presentation
Reliability, Lifetime performance index, Quick switching sampling, Acceptance sampling plans
Researchers Hasan Rasay، Farnoosh Naderkhani


From quality and reliability perspectives, acceptance sampling plans play a significant role in manufacturing and industries in order to minimize the defect in the process. It is essential that the final product received by the customers, either external or internal, to be defect-free. In this regard, this paper presents the special case of acceptance sampling plan referred to as quick switching sampling (QSS) plan in the context of failure censoring reliability tests by considering the information from lifetime performance index (LPI). Unlike the common process capability indexes, LPI is usually appropriate for processes with non-negative quality characteristics. It is assumed that the lifetime of items follows Weibull distribution. Derivations of the operating characteristic curves are developed and a mathematical model is presented which determines the optimal parameters of the QSS plan. In order to see the effectiveness of proposed QSS, a real example is presented. In addition, different sensitivity analyses are conducted which the results indicate that proposed QSS plan can significantly decrease the costs of the life testing and sampling in comparison with a single sampling plan.