July 22, 2024

Shideh Ehteshamrad

Academic rank: Assistant professor
Education: Ph.D in Civil engineering
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering


Relationship of Dangerous Behavior of Professional Drivers and Penalties on Accidents of Intercity Road Network
Type Article
Professional drivers Dangerous driving behavior Road accident
Researchers Shideh Ehteshamrad


High rate of fatalities in road transportation has raised a world-wide effort to utilize appropriate strategies in order to reduce road accidents. In this regard professional drivers are of great concern due to their large size vehicles and high rate of passenger occupancy. Additionally, comparing to other users of network, planning for behavioral change among them is much more achievable due to their organizational and hence occupational dependency. This research proposes a validated questionnaire in order to measure the dangerous behavior of professional drivers of passenger cars, bus and trucks of intercity road network. Additionally, a structural equation model was developed that explored the causal relationship of dangerous behavior on accident. Further the model indicates that supervising drivers (through penalties) was able to mediate and indeed, reduce the effect of dangerous behavior on accidents previously experienced by respondents. In this study, Data collection was conducted among 603 drivers from 6th-21th September 2022, in Kermanshah, Iran. Results of this study suggests that behavioral change of drivers and adequate supervision on them reduce number of accidents on intercity road network.