July 25, 2024
Somayeh Behzad

Somayeh Behzad

Academic rank: Associate professor
Education: Ph.D in Physics


Ab initio study of electronic properties and dielectric response of graphyne-like boron nitride sheet
Type Article
Researchers Somayeh Behzad


The full potential linearized augmented plane wave method with the generalized gradient approximation has been used to understand the electronic and optical properties of agraphyne- likeBN(a-BNyne) sheet. The total and partial density of states, electronic structure and optical constants for different light polarizations are obtained. The optical properties of a- BNyne are found to be strongly anisotropic. For electric field parallel to the a-BNyne sheet, strong optical adsorption and reflectivity are observed in the low-energy region, whiles for the electric field perpendicular to the a-BNyne sheet, the adsorption and reflectivity in the lowenergy region are very weak. Also, the results of optical response property calculations show that a-BNyne sheet has broad spectral photoresponse. All of these properties indicate that a- BNyne is a new two-dimensional candidate for use in optoelectronic devices.