July 25, 2024
Somayeh Behzad

Somayeh Behzad

Academic rank: Associate professor
Education: Ph.D in Physics


Two-Dimensional Gallium Nitride
Type Book
Gallium Nitride
Researchers Somayeh Behzad


Crystalline gallium nitride nanoribbon rings have been fabricated through a simple catalytic reaction using metallic Ga as a source material with ammonia using Ni as a catalyst on silicon substrate. More recently, a facile synthesis approach is reported to prepare GaN nanosheets using graphene oxide as sacrificial template. The electronic structure of multilayer GaN is significantly different from that of the monolayer, and it is sensitive to the number of layers. First-principles calculations of magnetic properties of zigzag and armchair GaNNRs show that the armchair GaNNRs can be classified as nonmagnetic semiconductors. The bandgap of bilayer graphene between GaN sheets shows a similar tunability and increases to 217 meV with the perpendicular electric field reaching 0.8 V/+a. Investigation of the half-metallic properties of semichlorinated gallium nitride nanosheets under an electric field F shows that the electric field can modulate Cl-GaN nanosheets efficiently from ferromagnetic metals to half-metals.