July 25, 2024

Sohrab Fathi

Academic rank: Assistant professor
Address: Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Energy, Kermanshah University of Technology, Kermanshah, Iran
Education: Ph.D in Chemical Engineering
Phone: +988338305002 (1162)
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering


Removal of phenol from aqueous solution using MOF/GO: Synthesis, characteristic, adsorption performance and mechanism
Type Article
Metal organic framework, graphene oxide, TMU-10@GO, adsorption, phenol
Researchers maryam karami pur، Sohrab Fathi، meysam safari


Porous metal organic framework (TMU-10) has been fabricated via solvothermal method. The TMU-10 was further post synthetically modified to TMU-10@GO hybrids with graphene oxide (GO). The prepared TMU-10@GO hybrids were used as an effective adsorbent to removal of phenol in environmental water samples. The TMU-10@GO hybrids adsorbent was characterised by X-ray diffraction (XRD), infrared Fourier transform spectrometer (FTIR), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM), EDX. The influence of different parameters including pH, amount of adsorbent, salt additive and contact times were studied. Using the phenol experiment to evaluate the adsorption performance, TMU-10@GO hybrids displayed better adsorption capacity towards phenol, compared with TMU-10.The results showed that the phenol adsorption obeyed the pseudo-second-order kinetic and the Langmuir isotherm with the experimental adsorption data. The maximum adsorption capacity of phenol with TMU-10@GO adsorbent was 212.76 mgg-1.TMU-10@GO hybrids was suggested as a promising adsorbent for the removal of phenol from water, based on the remarkably high adsorption capacity and rapid adsorption.