July 22, 2024

Peyman Moradi

Academic rank:
Education: Ph.D in Chemical Engineering
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering


An Investigation of the Kermanshah petrochemical wastewater treatment using GAC.
Type Presentation
Kermanshah petrochemical, wastewater treatment, GAC
Researchers Peyman Moradi، mohammad reza khosromanesh


The goal of the present research was to reduce the ammonia of the typical petrochemical wastewater via adsorption technique using a commercial granular activated carbon (GAC) as adsorbent. In Kermanshah Petrochemical Industrial Company (KPIC), GAC use for eliminate dilute component like as oil, hydrocarbons, and ammonia form steam condense before introducing to demineralized unit. Ammonia content of steam condense is less than 5ppm. In present research, adsorption of ammonia from oily wastewater and ammonia wastewater was studied. Ammonia in wastewater 11% decrease after passed the GAC bed, this isn't enough separation of ammonia to make wastewater non-harmful to drain in river or agricultural use.