July 25, 2024
Mohsen Samimi

Mohsen Samimi

Academic rank: Associate professor
Address: Imam Khomeini Highway, Kermanshah, Iran
Education: Ph.D in Chemical Engineering - Biotechnology
Phone: 08338305001
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering


Signal amplification of novel sandwich-type genosensor via catalytic redox-recycling on platform MWCNTs/Fe3O4@TMU-21 for BRCA1 gene detection
Type Article
BRCA1 gene; Differential pulse voltammetry; Electrochemical genosensor; Metal-organic framework; DNA reporter; DNA hybridization
Researchers hosna ehzari، meysam safari، Mohsen Samimi


The MWCNTs/Fe3O4@TMU-21 as a novel electrochemical sandwich-type genosensor was fabricated to detect the BRCA1 gene using the redox-cycling ferrocene functionalized reporter label probe (r-Fc-DNA). In the designed genosensor, the capture probe (cDNA) and r-Fc-DNA were used to detect the BRCA1 gene in sandwich-type genosensor, in which DNA sequences are well -hybridized with the BRCA1 gene (t-DNA). The cDNA was immobilized on the multiwall carbon nanotube and metal-organic framework with Fe3O4 nanoparticle core, which is the sensor platform. Target DNA was assayed by redox-recycling reporter probe (r-Fc-DNA) using the electro-catalytic activity of ferri/ferrocyanide, which results in significantly enhanced the oxidation peak current of r-Fc-DNA. The electrochemical redox cycling led to a high signal-to-noise ratio for gene assay. MWCNTs and Fe3O4@TMU-21 were applied to increase the platform conductivity and suitable binding of the recognition elements. This constructed genosensor plays an influential role in increasing the sensitivity of BRCA1 gene sequence recognition. So that under optimal conditions, this genosensor illustrated a wide linear range from