May 27, 2024
Mehdi Khazaei

Mehdi Khazaei

Academic rank: Assistant professor
Address: Kermanshah University of Technology, School of Information Technology
Education: Ph.D in Computer Engineering- Computer architecture
Phone: 08338305041
Faculty: Faculty of Information Technology


Analytical Model to Create Proxy Server Sessions in Multimedia Networks
Type Article
Modeling; Prioritize; Queue theory; Proxy server; MVA algorithm
Researchers Mehdi Khazaei


One of the most popular and widely applied protocols on multimedia networks is the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to create, modify, and terminate the sessions. SIP is the platform of Next Generation Networks (NGN). In this way, SIP should be able to respond to the needs of such a largely-used network. One of the major problems in SIP networks is overload. This challenge creates a sharp drop in quality of service for NGN users. In this regard, many studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of this protocol, especially under overload. A new analytical model is developed that prioritizes the SIP message processing. An analytical approach is proposed based on the Mean Value Analysis (MVA) algorithm in queue theory. Considering some appropriate assumptions customizing MVA as to implement this proposed model and to cope with the limitations of the MVA is highly essential. The output of the analytical model is compared with the standard SIP model obtained from the simulator and the results confirm that prioritizing original messages would enhance the SIP performance at different load conditions. Prioritization of original messages is advantageous, and outperforms the normal SIP. Nevertheless, prioritizing the repeated messages not only has no advantage, but also its performance is less than the normal SIP.