May 27, 2024
Mehdi Khazaei

Mehdi Khazaei

Academic rank: Assistant professor
Address: Kermanshah University of Technology, School of Information Technology
Education: Ph.D in Computer Engineering- Computer architecture
Phone: 08338305041
Faculty: Faculty of Information Technology


A Multi-Path Routing Protocol with Fault Tolerance in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Type Presentation
Ad hoc, DSR, Routing, Multi-path
Researchers Mehdi Khazaei، Reza Berangi


In recent years many researches have focused on ad-hoc networks, mainly because of their independence to any specific structure. These networks suffers from frequent and rapid topology changes that cause many challenges in their routing. Most of the routing protocols try to find a path between source and destination nodes because any path will expire, offer a short period, the path reconstruction may cause the network inefficiency. The proposed protocol build two paths between source and destination and create backup paths during the route reply process, route maintenance process and local recovery process in order to improve the data transfer and the fault tolerance. The protocol performance is demonstrated by using the simulation results obtain from the global mobile simulation software(Glomosim). The experimental results show that this protocol can decrease the packet loss ratio rather than DSR and SMR and it is useful for the applications that need a high level of reliability.