April 18, 2024

Hossein Moayedi

Academic rank:
Education: Ph.D
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering


Analyzing performance of a ribbed triple-tube heat exchanger operated with graphene nanoplatelets nanofluid based on entropy generation and exergy destruction
Type Article
Triple-tube heat exchanger Hybrid nanofluid Graphene nanoplatelets Exergy destruction Entropy generation Inserted ribs
Researchers Nima Mazaheri، Mehdi Bahiraei، Hooman Abdi Chaghakaboodi، Hossein Moayedi


The current investigation aims to study the second law features of an innovative nanofluid having hybrid nanoparticles of graphene nanoplatelets–Pt through a ribbed triple-tube heat exchanger (RTTHX). The hot nanofluid passes inside the ribbed annulus side, the cold water enters inside the inner tube side, and the normal water moves through the outer annulus side. The effects of nanoparticle weight fraction as well as geometrical parameters including the pitch and height of the ribs are evaluated. The total entropy generation rate of heat exchanger reduces by the weight fraction increase, which demonstrates the great advantage of employing the nanofluid. Both increasing the rib height and rib pitch decrement reduce total entropy production of the nanofluid, whereas increase the total entropy production of RTTHX. Moreover, the total exergy destruction of whole heat exchanger decreases by increase of the weight fraction, such that it reduces about 23% with increasing the weight fraction from 0 to 0.1% at rib pitch of 150 mm and rib height of 3 mm. Furthermore, the second law efficiency enhances with the weight fraction increment, while reduces with the rib pitch decrement and increasing rib height. The second law efficiency has great values in all conditions under study.