June 18, 2024
Majid Mohadesi

Majid Mohadesi

Academic rank: Associate professor
Address: Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engeenring, Kermanshah University of Technology (KUT), Imam Khomeini Highway, Kermanshah, Iran
Education: Ph.D in Chemical Engineering
Phone: 083-38305000 (1167, 1025)
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering


The use of KOH/Clinoptilolite catalyst in pilot of microreactor for biodieselproduction from waste cooking oil
Type Article
Biodiesel Pilot of microreactor Heterogeneous catalyst KOH/Clinoptilolite Waste cooking oil
Researchers Majid Mohadesi، Babak Aghel، Mahmoud Maleki، Ahmadreza Ansari


In this study, the transesterification of waste cooking oil and methanol aimed to produce biodiesel and use of KOH/Clinoptilolite as a heterogeneous catalyst in the microreactor as a new reactor to accelerate this process. Therefore, a semi-industrial pilot was investigated under different conditions for biodiesel production and optimizing the operating conditions. In order to optimize these conditions, the effect of important factors was studied including reaction temperature, catalyst concentration, volume ratio of oil-to-methanol and residence time on the purity of biodiesel produced through response surface methodology (RSM). After data analysis and optimizing the reaction of biodiesel production, the highest purity of produced biodiesel was obtained at reaction temperature of 65 °C, catalyst concentration of 8.1 wt%, oil/methanol volume ratio of 2.25:1 and residence time of 13.4 min which resulted in a biodiesel production with a purity of 97.45%. Based on the results, the use of microchannel can reduce the reaction time by the increase of mixing. Further, the cost of biodiesel production can be reduced using waste cooking oil and KOH/Clinoptilolite.