June 18, 2024
Majid Mohadesi

Majid Mohadesi

Academic rank: Associate professor
Address: Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engeenring, Kermanshah University of Technology (KUT), Imam Khomeini Highway, Kermanshah, Iran
Education: Ph.D in Chemical Engineering
Phone: 083-38305000 (1167, 1025)
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering


Prediction of Equilibrium Conditions for Hydrate Formation in Binary Gaseous Systems Using Artificial Neural Networks
Type Article
Researchers Mohammad Reza Moradi، Khodadad Nazari، Saman Alavi، Majid Mohadesi


The present work attempts to indicate the potential of artificial neural networks (ANN) for the fast and reliable estimation of the equilibrium conditions of single, binary, and multiple hydrocarbon gas hydrates. The ANN used in this study was a network with the tangent-sigmoid (tansig) propagation transfer function in the hidden layer and a final layer with the linear (purelin) transfer function. The number of hidden neurons has been determined by minimizing the error of the calculation. The obtained results and the ANN model reliability were compared with other predictive methods. Results showed that the ANN method is able to reliably predict the hydrate equilibrium conditions of hydrocarbons, particularly for binary gas systems, using simple input parameters such as the weight fractions and normal boiling points of the components.