June 22, 2024
Abbas Rezaei

Abbas Rezaei

Academic rank: Assistant professor
Education: Ph.D in Electrical engineering
Phone: 083-38305001
Faculty: Faculty ofٍٍ Electrical Engineering


Improved SOI-MESFET structures for enhanced efficiency and optimized DC/RF characteristics
Type Article
(SOI-MESFET,breakdown voltage,electric field,cut-off frequency(FT (maximum oscillation frequency (Fmax,
Researchers ahmad ghiasi، Salah I. Yahya، Abbas Rezaei


In this paper, two new silicon on insulator metal-semiconductor field effect transistor (SOI-MESFET) structures are presented. Two parallel layers of oxide and aluminium are added at the gate edge of these structures. Also, in the buried oxide part of the Aluminium Edge and Silicon-Well MESFET (AESW-MESFET) structure, a silicon well and two aluminium layers are added. Moreover, and to improve the DC and RF characteristics, as compared to the Conventional MESFET (C-MESFET) structure, a silicon well and a silicon layer are added in the box oxide section in the Silicon Edge and Silicon-Well MESFET (SESW-MESFET) structure. By these changes, the value of the breakdown voltage in the normal structure has increased from 15.8 V to 33.1 V and 30.9 V in the proposed AESW-MESFET and SESW-MESFET structures, respectively. In addition, the maximum output power has been associated with a significant increase of 4.44 and 5.24 times, respectively. Compared to the C-MESFET, the proposed structures reduce gate-source and gate-drain capacitors and significantly increases conductivity. The cut-off frequency values are increased from 19.3 GHz (the normal structure) to 37.3 GHz and 35 GHz (the proposed structures), and the maximum oscillation frequencies are increased from 80 GHz to 154 GHz and 102.3 GHz. Therefore, the results show that the proposed structures have good performance and the ability to work at high power and high frequency.